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Jupiter’s Critic & The Mind Of Mars

DJ Quik & Kurupt – “Jupiter’s Critic & The Mind Of Mars

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DJ Quik & Kurupt – “Ohh

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from Blaqkout (Mad Scientist, Available 6/9/09)

Rap is changing. Blaqkout is amazing.

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24 Responses to “Jupiter’s Critic & The Mind Of Mars”

  1. homey Says:

    a real suprise. very nice. but even better would be quik alone

  2. Lukas Kaiser Says:

    HOMEY, no! Kurupt is fucking nutso brilliant. This is the best idea since toasted sliced bread.

  3. homey Says:

    hmmm, i dunno. i didn’t like over the last few years. but i’ll give him another chance

  4. dave quam Says:

    anyone want to hook it up with an mp3 of 9x out of 10?

    Thanks for these Noz.

  5. Berto Says:

    yes, wow.

  6. nick_sweepah Says:

    crazy. what’s with the title tho? very similar to another famous collab. i mean i get the Q/K thing but you’d think they’d know about red & meth right?

  7. hotbox Says:

    hi-c, amg, kk & d. . .why do y’all names all rhyme and mine don’t?

  8. DocZeus Says:

    I didn’t realize that Mac Mall was still making records in 2009…

  9. DocZeus Says:

    Actually, come to think of it? Is Mac Mall still making records?

  10. david Says:

    dope shit man……i been waiting for gangsta electro…its only natural…….nwa came out of the old school electro scene…..its not really changing just going the same natural progression….next real gangsta rap is coming back with hard bass watch

  11. chima Says:

    “Blaqkout is amazing”

    seems as if its going to be a really good album, the tracks that ive heard so far sound fuckin amazing!

  12. Renato Pagnani Says:

    This album is fucking awesome.

  13. AK Says:

    If the rest of the album hits like these and 9x out of 10, it’s going to be straight classic.

  14. The Skinny Says:

    Dude found the formula for the new mind expansion gangsta sound. This is official.

  15. Grimey Says:

    that ohh joint KNOCKS whodi.

  16. boosie & paris hilton a carmel sundae Says:

    that morrocan shit is sick.

  17. MAYNHOLUP Says:

    maynnn dis album got me sayin MAYN HOL UP!

  18. ri067953 Says:

    Will someboday please already state the obvious…I guess I will! Quik is the best producer in the game! The man comes consistantly with innovation, his engineering and mixing skills are second to none and on top of that he can rap his ass off…fuck detox, I can’t wait to get my copy of Blaqkout on June 9th. This will be the one album I buy for the year, for sure!

  19. mark p. Says:

    Mac Mall is still active, still pretty good too. I don’t think he’s released a proper new album since “Thizziana Stoned And The Temple Of Shrooms” though? Btw, if you haven’t seen that record’s artwork, do a google image search for that shit IMMEDIATELY.

    Blaqkout isn’t as consistent as I thought it was on my first few listens, though a solid 2/3 of it is probably among the best rap anyone will make this year. As much as I hate to admit this (I was a HUGE Kurupt fan at one point), this record may have been better off if it was just a Quik solo project with Kurupt maybe guesting on a few tracks or something. He doesn’t hold it back too much but he doesn’t really add anything either.

  20. Mike Says:

    Ohh is fucking brilliant. I wouldn’t say so much Prefuse as British bass that’s the style of influence though

  21. DEMO Says:

    Hot damn this is some mighty fine music.

    I hope they release this on vinyl.

    old habits…

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