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Trendwatch Additive: Jerkin’ With Jhawk

Various Artists – Jerkin With Jhawk (Internet, 2009)

A quick addendum for those of you that need some mp3s to go with your jerk fix (I’m never going to discuss this trend in an unpausable manner, am I?) Producer JHawk has a nice little compilation available for download on his myspace featuring New Boyz, Pink Dollaz, Tay and more. Hawk might be the most refined producer on the scene right now. If were an A&R I’d have signed Pink Dollaz already. I hate to say they rap well for girls, but really they rap well for girls. And at least one of them listens to Suga Free, which means she has better taste than just about every rapper with a deal.

Tracklisting after the jump.

1. pre-intro
2. intro by dj pmt
3. jhawk skit 1
4. hot chick-pheo ft t fresh
5. Get freaky remix-marc payne ft b young
6. pussy killer- yg
7.like cheesy- project
8. im tasty- pink dollaz
9. jhawk skit 2
10. want this- new boyz
11. never hungry- pink dollaz
12. bite my swag- asia lynn
13. Tippin on my dick- GoGO power rangers
14. im a jerk- tay
15. lap dance- pink dollaz
16. conceited- tay
17- lick it clean- infamous kid
18.- kicking wit with the lingo- tnb
19- outro by dj pmt

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17 Responses to “Trendwatch Additive: Jerkin’ With Jhawk”

  1. raggamuffin airhorn Says:


    much respect. i would have searched for this myself but i wouldn’t really feel comfortable spending all day at work searching for “jerkin” on the internet

  2. SergDun Says:

    my wife just tried explaining jerkin to me last night, all I got was that it was the reverse running man shit kids in Culver City do. This shit ain’t bad though, this is better look for la than battle rappers who can’t develop their own style

  3. mark p. Says:

    Any rapper that has “I’d Rather Give You My Bitch” on her myspace profile is definitely worth listening to. That has to be one of the 5 funniest rap songs of all time. That and “Why U Bullshittin?” have more quotables in 8 minutes or whatever than most of my favorite rappers do in 2 years.

  4. red dirt Says:

    it’s monday

    and that means


    gucci mane remix!


    (my chain)

  5. SincePimpinBeenPimpin Says:

    Suga Free! How does a dude survive as both a rapper and (supposedly) a pimp when he lives in Big Bear? Kills when he spits, though. The best dude to spit about the pimp game since Mac Dre.

  6. Jim T Says:

    Wow Pink Dollaz and track 17 are way, way better than expected. Thanks Noz!

  7. Jeremy 'JHawk' Hawkins Says:


    Thanks for all the support for Cali’s ‘jerkin’ movement. I know this dance may look weird, just as they all do when the rest of the country gets a look at it.

    But i hope it’ll grow on you, were having major fun here in the process of pushing the movement, our music and careers. Im 17, mostly all of us doing this is under 20 years old… no need to be an ass about it and put it down, just look at the numbers, were a force to be reckon’ with.

    New boyz, Pink dollaz, Vixens, YG, etc. have had tremendous success, and while I’m one of their producers in affiliation with them on their first project, I cant wait till the rest of the country catches on. If not?..relax..maybe jerkin is not for you..lol.

    Thank you Cocaine Blunts for the positive word, and helping us out!

    Thanks to all who are supporting the movement, even those that aren’t!

    Continue to listen!


    -JHawk outttttt

  8. Tiffanyy Says:

    Who made the sonq she a bad bitch ?

  9. Jeremy 'JHawk' Hawkins Says:

    I produced the beat

    YG did the lyrics

  10. xcoleyx Says:

    dude the jerkin style production is very similar it is like the hyphy sound
    and jerking is like going dumb. . why dont you guys pay homage as you
    should! ! ! ! ! ! !

  11. Jeremy 'JHawk' Hawkins Says:

    That is why i called it ‘Cali’s jerkin movement’. We love the bay also, you can jerk to a hyphy beat and you can also go dumb to a jerk beat. The styles compliment each other. There is no war with us…Lol…like i said

    “were having major fun here in the process of pushing the movement, our music and careers”

    The bay is going to do them,. we are going to do us..

  12. xcoleyx Says:

    its the same thing. just with a different name.
    similar music style slang . . .fashion

    push your movement. do your thing.
    cash it all in.
    lol. .

    bay= stupid/dumb/retarded/gig/turf

    no offense or anything but its the same thing dude.
    pay homage. rip mac dre one love

  13. J. Nicely Says:

    Agreed, this mixtape is fire. I’m Tasty should already be a certified club hit.

  14. dramaville Says:

    is Hodgy Beats on this Mixtape…..

  15. kenshai fernanadez Says:


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